Companies that must communicate their certified

For businesses. The pec address represts the final step in adapting to the legislation regarding certified mail. In all respects an important innovation in the public administration. The advantages that all this will bring will be a saving of time and money. The guarantee that the email has be delivered. The legal value that it will take on wh the delivery receipt is received and finally the traceability that the mailbox will always have.Companies that must communicate their certified

The procedure to follow to communicate

Submit a single communication application completed in form s2. Box b. With the date of sding of the application itself. The type of c-communication documt and deed code a99 . Box 5 with the indication of the pec address and form xx with the indication of the wording “Communication of the company’s certified special data  electronic mail address exempt from duties and stamp duty pursuant to art. 16 c. 6 dl 185/2008 converted into law 2/2009

spccial data

Contact us and we will activate the pec mailbox

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