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Contracts or legislation. Etc.The section dedicated to newsA contacts page : telephone – email – form mail – facebook – twitter – etc integrated with the googlemaps application . Indicating the location of the company and how to reach it. First of all. Seo search gine optimization (the activity of optimizing sites on search gines) was in 2011. According to all marketing managers b2b and b2c. The first source of leads (business opportunities. Negotiations) in online marketing .

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Integration with managemt software for real estate agcies A simple and easy-to-use portal administration panel allows website latest database  managers full autonomy in updating contt.  Communication and sales toolThe real estate agcy can use the website to create its own paper

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The information on properties published

Properties always in the foreground. Ev on the display in the shop window or in the agcyThe web solution’s automatisms are able to highlight the most Book Your List  represtative properties: in the cter of the homepage and/or in a side column on the other pages of the site. This functionality constantly promotes all the opportunities that the agcy can provide to its clit. The functionality can be connected to an advertising scre prest in the agcy. Which will rotate in rotation to promote all the offers relating to the properties under managemt.

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