Consumers drink the wind from advertising on Amazon but brands prefer

Consumers drink in the immensity of the media ecosystem, a plethora of platforms make their way, but which are the favorites of consumers and brands? Do both parties agree when it comes to paying attention to a particular advertising channel? The truth is that no. Brands and consumers follow different paths when it comes to giving names and surnames to their favorite advertising platforms . This is what we gather at least from the latest edition of Kantar’s “Media Reactions Booklet” report . According to the study, the advertising channel that most appeals to consumers is Amazon , where the ads are particularly “relevant and useful ” in their eyes.

Brands are keeping an eye on more established platforms in the market

If we stop at the brands, they generally industry email list opt for more veteran advertising platforms that have a more solid position in the market. Instagram retains the crown as brands’ favorite channel in 2022 , ahead of Google, YouTube, TikTok and Amazon. Although it is still far from becoming the right eye of advertisers, the truth is that TikTok is making huge gains and is increasingly firmly leveraged in the hearts of brands. Not in vain, 84% of advertisers plan to boost advertising investment on this platform in the next twelve months.

The Consumers drink platform that consumers elevated to number one last year

On the other hand, it is worth noting Book Your List┬áthat the advertising formats that attract the consumer the most are offline in nature: sponsorship of events, magazines and cinema. On the other hand, the preferred format of advertisers is online video and advertising on e-commerce platforms sneaks into their particular Top 5 for the first time. If we focus specifically on online channels, consumers’ favorite advertising formats are influencer marketing , e-commerce and podcasts.

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