Dailymotion appoints Juan Millán as Head of Sales Spain

Dailymotion appoints has appointed Juan Millán Míguez as VP Head of Sales Spain . Juan Millán will report directly to Bichoi Bastha , Chief Revenue and Business Officer of Dailymotion. which highlights the value of true friendships and stories that are shared over a table. MarketingDirecto.com has interviewed María Prados , marketing manager of Ruavieja, to tell the inspiration behind this campaign and the brand’s future actions. Ruavieja has some of the most memorable Christmas campaigns.

Juan Millán: his career until Dailymotion

With 20 years of experience in the advertising industry email list and sales sector. Therefore, he has worked in various organizations such as Vente Privée Spain. Ligatus, Adot and more recently for Adsquare. Therefore, as General Manager for the Spanish market. Bichoi Bastha. Chief Revenue & Business Officer, at Dailymotion: «We are delighted to welcome Juan to Dailymotion as Head of Sales in Spain. Therefore, this is a key appointment for us. As we seek to strengthen. Therefore, increase our presence in the Spanish market. This will allow us to increase our visibility. Therefore, our client portfolio in this very competitive market.”

New position as Head of Sales Spain

Now, he will be responsible for the Book Your List commercial development of Dailymotion Advertising in Spain as Head of Sales. Therefore, his tasks will be to maintain and strengthen the company’s presence in our country. In addition to developing the commercial strategy and defining the business objectives for the Spanish market. Therefore, juan Millán: «I am delighted to be able to contribute to the growth of Dailymotion Advertising. A key global player in the advertising technology industry. Therefore, to contribute my business vision of the Spanish market.

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