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With your content, and who want to know more about you, your brand, and what you offer. Conversion Rate Measures the percentage of email recipients who click on a link within the email and take the desir action (such as filling out a form or purchasing a product), thereby converting what the email offers. Always include a call to action in your email relateto the overall marketing objective of the email. Bounce Rate The bounce rate indicates the percentage of emails that could not be deliver to the recipient’s inbox. There are two types of bounce rate: soft bounce , which means there is a temporary problem with a valid address, and hard bounce , which suggests that the email address no longer exists, has been clos, or is invalid. It is essential to remove invalid addresses from your shipping list to keep it in good standing.

List Growth Rate Refers to the way your list grows

Ideally it should be a smooth, upward curve. It is important that you work hard to increase your list on a regular basis with new contacts, since it is natural France WhatsApp Number Data that each year your list decreases due to factors such as address changes or because people decide not to open your emails, among other reasons. Email Share / Forward Rate The percentage of email recipients who share your content with their social network or forward your email to a friend. Why should you follow up on this? Because it’s a way to grow your contact list! Make it easy for your emails to be shar and for your readers to be motivat to share your information.

Overall ROI Measuring return on investment

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ROI for email campaigns can show how that channel is generating tangible results. To achieve this, establish a service level agreement (SLA) system and assign values ​​to different types of leads bas on how likely they are to generate revenue for the business. Open rate Determining the percentage of recipients who open the email can be Book Your List misleading, since it only counts them as open if the recipient receives the images embd in the message, and many people block that option. Despite this, you can use open rate as a comparative metric. Unsubscribe Rate Refers to the percentage of email recipients who unsubscribeafter opening the message, and can help you calculate the overall growth rate of your email list. In September 2021, Apple announc data privacy changes for iOS15, including an update that ruce access to email analytics.

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