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The nee for IP telephony integration may arise at three stages of a company’s development: At the time of opening, when there are no employees and the entrepreneur has to do everything on his own. At this stage, there are not so many sales, it is not respectable to use a mobile number – it does not attract serious partners. One virtual landline number will fix the situation. The client will get through on any day, wherever you are. When a company hires its first employees, there is a nee for coordination. Cloud PBX will help provide all employees with free corporate communications. And the recording of telephone conversations will allow you to control managers.

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The first sales department is being create, the number of employees is growing, the company has several remote employees. At the time of growth, you nee to quickly connect employees to telephony, look for a more spacious office. With a virtual station, the subscriber is not tie to an address and can easily move, and connecting a new Bulk SMS Oman person takes a few minutes. Internet telephony from a feeral operator MTT is one of the TOP-7 operators in Russia. Our company is one of the largest in the Russian market. Every day we make more than 60 million calls for our 170 million customers. MTT telephony is: uninterrupte communication quality round-the-clock technical support low prices and comprehensive business solutions advance technologies You can personally verify the veracity of our words. Order a free test drive – for a week you will have access to all business tools and 300 free minutes.

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Convenient Than Improvise Means

Get to know MTT Business Solutions Business 2.0 start with virtual landline number and 500 free minutes. Only city number 2.0 with the code of one of the 89 cities in the network coverage area. Only number 8 800 – for communication with clients throughout Russia. Sales office 2.0 with option package for 5 employees. Premium 2.0 – services for a large organization with 20 workplaces, including 1 number 8 800, 5 direct city Book Your list lines and 3 000 free minuteAll calls to the subscriber’s number go through Internet channels, and the necessary equipment is store by the operator.

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