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Connect the Sales from the site” package for free to see an increase in sales of services from 40 to 75%! The kit includes: virtual city number workplace 2 web widgets Doubt the usefulness of the service? Order a free test drive for 7 da a modern business solution. By activating the service, you will receive a number of tools and new functions, and keep your company mobile.It is easier to scale a business with it: new employees are connecte in less than an hour. How is it different from a regular PBX? First, the presence in the office. Cloud PBX is not a device, but software, with which the operator’s equipment is connecte. Telephony is tie to the Internet, with all the ensuing consequences.

Telephony Is A Convenient Type

On the one hand, this is a high-quality uninterrupte connection with a lot of advantages, on the other hand, it depends on the connection spee and the honesty of the provider. In cities, there is practically no problem with a stable connection. But if the lights are turne off in the office, even the telephone will not work. Secondly, the Bulk SMS Lebanon network connection is poor on tools. Each individual line is a separate cable from the PBX to the device. An installer is neee to lay it, and a separate employee is neee to service the entire network. On this, the functionality of a conventional mini-PBX is limite.

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A Communicating With Your Customip

Thirdly, IP telephony is cheaper. Connecting the Start Business 2.0 package from MTT costs only 1500 rubles. The set already includes a cloud PBX, 1 virtual city number, 500 free minutes, 5 workstations and SIM cards, 2 web Book Your list widgets. The subscription fee for the package is only 1900 rubles per month. Order a free test drive for 7 days! Wide range of tools Voice menu (IVR). It can be simple or multi-level. The main thing is not to forget to write down the greeting and not to confuse the client. Voice mail. One way of feeback for the organization. Callback. For various reasons, it is not always possible for a person to get in touch.

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