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Do you want to keep tracking how people interact with your website? Well, then you ne to understand Google Analytics 4: What is it, how does it differ from other versions of the product, and why does it ne to be chang? In this guide, we tell you everything you ne to know. What is Google Analytics 4? Google Analytics is an analytics platform get-familiar-with that provides traffic, engagement, and conversion information for your website. Today, most of the websites in the world use it and it makes it possible to track the behavior of users on each page of the site. As with any software product, Google Analytics has been updat since its launch in 2005 as user nes have chang. Beginning with the “classic” Google Analytics (GA1) era, the product evolv through updates to GA2 and GA3 (both known as Universal Analytics or UA.

How is Google Analytics 4 different from Universal Analytics

The fourth version, the most recent, is call GA4 and it came out in 2020. But it is not just another version of Google Analytics; actually, it is a brand new product aim at solving some problems that have arisen since the launch of UA. How is Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data Google Analytics 4 different from Universal Analytics? Simultaneous tracking of websites and mobile applications One of the main benefits of the new Google Analytics 4 is that it allows you to track visitor activity across multiple sites and apps. Previously, you had to use one UA property to track website data and a different one in Analytics for Firebase to measure mobile app usage. The new ition of Google Analytics could be call formerly known as Google as the beta version was call.

Simultaneous tracking of websites and mobile applications

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The ability to monitor users across different platforms (website, apps, and software), allows you to have a holistic view of how your customers interact with your business. In other words, cross-platform tracking allows you to analyze your audience Book Your List throughout the customer lifecycle. Ability to track the entire customer journey To give you better visibility into how users are interacting with your website and app, GA4 turn all metrics into “ events ”. Events today track user interactions that cannot be analyz as page views within a session, so you have endless ways to better understand user behavior. The flexibility and granularity of data translates into better-support decisions and strategies.

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