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Three sustainable models This answer is simple: sustainable agriculture. What is not easy is to change the entire agricultural (and also livestock) productive apparatus so that field work does not continue to increase GHG production. In the hands of each agricultural actor is the execution of new ways of producing with a much more efficient technology aime at reucing the carbon footprint of crops. However, there are currently three models that can consistently reuce GHG emissions. How much? Well, they depend on the producers who decide to take the leap towards a more sustainable model.

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You can choose: direct sowing No-tillage is the agronomic method of choice in conservation agriculture for annual crops. With this methodology, no type of tillage is carrie out, the vegetable residues protect about 30% of the surface and the tillage is carrie out on vegetable residues from previous crops. The latter supplies natural nutrients to the soil. It is an ideal method to achieve a high level of conservation in annual crops because it completely eliminates the mechanical plowing of the soil. Direct seeing mimics natural processes. A clear example Job Function Email Database of this is the activity in forests and jungles, where the sees land on mattresses or layers made of leaves and other plant debris. In this way, a vegetal layer protects the soil from erosion, the effects of water or wind and prevents its degradation.

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In other words, it is plante without mineralizing the organic materials of the soil, nor disturbing the natural processes. Precision farming The application of new information and communication technologies (ICT) to agricultural tasks to increase crop. A production and minimize the environmental effect is what is known as precision agriculture. The operating proceures of the agricultural industry are changing thanks to the use of this technology. For companies or organizations, getting on the precision agriculture express is a clean, safe and Book Your list productive bet. The use of pesticides and other chemical agents can be greatly reuce with the help of devices. A such as drones or satellites. which areas nee more or less nutrients or pesticides. In this way, you will be able to conserve water.

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