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It is expensive and difficult to try to recover them. That is why we must start today with alternative crops to take care of the soil, human health and the animals that fee on their products. Likewise, the chemicals use in agriculture have a significant impact on the PH and fertility of the soil. Soil health and the ozone layer The phrase “carbon footprint” has to do with the weakening, depletion, and breakdown of the ozone layer. This occurs as a direct effect of greenhouse gas emissions. This impact includes emissions from fossil fuel cars, industries and all human activity, including those in the agricultural sector. It is essential that the States of the world focus on solutions in the meium and long term.

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This is how it becomes possible to deploy a pattern of sustainable agriculture that is respectful of ecology and the environment. This is the most logical thing to do because both the food supply and the water supply are directly affecte by the entire planet being out of balance. Consequently, producing more agricultural products greatly increases the carbon footprint. This is a way of establishing indicators that make it possible to measure C Level Executive List how products destine for agriculture affect the environment. GEI: What is agriculture guilty of? According to the Intergovernmental Panel of Experts on Climate Change (IPCC), agricultural and livestock activity and changes in land use are the cause of 23% of total global GHG emissions.

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You Do Not Need Special Devices

The European Union establishe that 10% of this total corresponds to the Member States. For its part, ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), an organization attache to the UN (Unite Nations Organization), establishe that the contribution of Latin America and the Caribbean is 1.5 times higher than Europe. You don’t have to be a very statesman or an expert to determine what nees to be transforme and evolve Book Your list towards new ways of doing agriculture. Modern measures and soil nutrition technologies must be adopte without detrimental to the ozone layer. Chemical or nitrogen fertilizers cause GHG emissions. Such is the case of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and also N2O (nitrous oxide). In addition, the constant use of these products produces, on many occasions, that the soils have deficiencies that can reach 85% in terms of macro and micronutrients.

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