Health advertising graphic design 8 tips for success

People are increasingly fed up with advertising, which is why it becomes difficult to make an ad that makes a real impression. If you use graphic material to advertise your clinic brochures, banners on websites keep these advertising graphic design tips in mind .


KIP stands for Keep It Simple. This is a universal maxim of advertising and design: use simple messages that are easy to digest by the audience. Say your message as directly as you can.

2 Show, don’t tell

In many creative schools of thought, there is a general rule that says “show, don’t tell.” This means that you should never explain something when you can prove it, and there is no exception to this rule when it comes to advertising. For example, instead of a list about the benefits of your teeth whitening method, you can show a before and after photo.

Tips for advertising graphic design

3 Use metaphors

A great technique in advertising is the use of visual metaphors. Like a written metaphor, a visual metaphor represents a concept by comparing it to another often phonelist unrelate concept. Work to develop a smart and elegant, yet clear and obvious visual metaphor.

4 Use icons

People, ideas, objects and concepts that most people are very familiar with. Advertisers often play with these iconic elements of life in their ads in order to create new meanings.

5 Use optical illusions

If the brand message fits, the use of optical illusions can create a fascinating and memorable effect, especially since many optical illusions require you to stop for a moment and really look. And that is what is sought with any advertisement that is made, right?
6 Don’t be afraid to exaggerate
Exaggeration is a fantastic tool in advertising, that is, when used within reason. Implying that a product can do something it really can’t is dangerous, as customers may feel cheated. For exaggeration to appear funny, hyperbole must be introduced into the design.

There are a lot of icons in the world

7 Make your ads readable
As we said at the beginning, an effective ad should have little text, but it should be easily readable. Don’t use strange fonts and opt for one that can be read well up close if it is for a brochure or from a distance if it is for a sign or billboard.

8 Use the right color

Marketing experts know firsthand the Book Your List importance of color psychology. In the case of health clinics, the most recommended colors are blue and green, both in light tones. These colors are instinctively related to health and well-being.

Keep these tips in mind when doing any advertising graphic design work.

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