According to the W3Techs report , 30% of websites and blogs around the world are programmed in WordPress. All of them, to meet their marketing objectives, need to attract qualified traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to know the most important SEO factors for WordPress . In this very complete SEO tutorial for WordPress SEO WordPress I explain in detail 25 SEO factors that you have to take into account to achieve success : position your website in the top positions of Google and attract thousands of visits. seo wordpress Keyword research Before starting any SEO positioning work, we have to determine which keywords best define the services or products of our website, what their search volume is and the degree of competition. In an SEO positioning strategy it is preferable to start working on long tail keywords .

Visibility for search engines SEO WordPress 

That is, for those terms that have a lower number of searches but also less competition. For example, “buy cheap red shoes” than “buy shoes.” To know how to do a keyword audit , we recommend this “40 fever” guide . Page structure or web architecture We must build a web structure – preferably horizontal – well hierarchical, and focus on positioning the first and second level pages, these levels being where the most important landing executive data pages should be . An optimal web structure favors indexing, crawling and usability.  The hosting. As I mentioned in the article about SEO for Prestashop , the response time of the hosting, its stability, the server configuration, an IP address geolocated in the country of our website, whether it is dedicated or shared or what other websites are hosted

Keyword research

on the server. in the case of shared hosting; These are some of the factors that will make the difference in SEO with other WordPress. If you haven’t hired it yet, I recommend Dinahosting or Raiola Network , and avoid the BRB Directory cheap ones like 1and1 . The Dominion. Aspects to consider Dominoes, with keywords or without keywords The answer is simple. Today, it doesn’t matter exactly the same. Does not influence. Yes, years ago. My recommendation is to choose the name of the company or brand as the domain. In addition, it is also advisable to avoid domains with hyphens or numbers, words that are difficult to.

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