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Time of calls, their status. With this feature. Ayou can protect yourself from DDoS attacks from competitors, or catch an employee spending. A company money for personal purposes (if he calls friends, for example). If an employee constantly “drains” customers, listen to the recording of his conversations. Perhaps he lacks professionalism. Or, he treats work too carelessly and does not show due zeal. The presence of a record motivates employees to devote more time to solving work problems. Quick connection of new employees Extension numbers are very quickly adde to the virtual PBX. This does not require extra wires, statements and expectations of installation.

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Go to your personal account and connect an additional number in a few minuThe quality of service often comes to the fore. Are you ignoring the nees of the client? You can lose it. And along with it, a part of the possible revenue. It is cheaper and easier to connect. A virtual city number than to fight with dissatisfie customers. Virtual PBX integrates with CRM systems . You will be able to maintain your own client base, with personal guest cards. You SMS Gateway Bulgaria will see which dish he orders more often, what are the trends in demand among age categories, how well the target audience is identifie. Own logistics in branches If you have a network of cafes, you can connect phones with city codes where the establishments are locate. This will allow not.

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They will quickly understand the situation, right in the “field” conditions. Fast startup It only takes a few hours from submitting an application to actually connecting. Place the contact number on the header of the site, place it on outdoor Book Your list advertising and start taking orders! You will see the details of calls in the subscriber’s personal account. The study of statistics will give a lot of data for a full analysiThe fact is that it belongs to the operator, and is lease to the subscriber for a longterm lease. Most likely, it will not be possible to transfer 8,800 . To do this. A the new operator must reeem it. And then hand it over to the subscriber.

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