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Offering high quality and guarantees, which will be an important help in communicating with potential customers. You will be able to stop worrying about connecting with customers, and fully focus on increasing your customer base, which will further lead your business to prosperiInteractive Voice Response is an interactive menu. Simply put, this is a voice answering machine that greets everyone who calls your company. It turns on after the first beeps, regardless of the number of simultaneously receive calls. Clarifies the issue that the client calle you and, if possible, solves it, for example, provides information about promotions, order status, company hours on holidays. If it cannot decide, it reirects the call to the desire operator, and after hours to the voice mailbox.

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The simplest example: A call comes in Turn on IVR: press 1 press 2 press 3 The system forwards the call: 1 – sales department 2 – accounting 3 – operator IVR solves several problems and tasks at once: lack of staff, especially if it is a small business that does not have the ability to keep a large staff solving standard questions if the SMS Gateway Hungary call flow is large improvement of customer service – they quickly call the company, receive a voice response and promptly resolve their issues increasing brand loyalty – the system can track interrupte calls and offer the client to connect him with the same employee so as not to tell another specialist about the problem again revenue increase.

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You can record promotional messages for customers, for example, on products that they have previously bought, in order to increase the average bill. IVR is also a great voice call service. Use it to remind clients about the nee to make the next payment or an upcoming appointment with a specialist. Rules for creating voice menus Any voice script must begin with a greeting. Record a short message for subscribers, where you Book Your list greet them, briefly tell which company they calle and find out the purpose of the call. Then think over all the points, taking into account the following recommendations: The more questions the answering machine solves, the less the burden on your staff. Interview employees, Several levels of nesting are also sufficient, as clients drop calls with too complicate scripts.

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