How to multiply your subscriber list for your email marketing campaigns


One of the most important aspects How to multiply of an email marketing campaign is the quality of the subscriber list. There is no point in having thousands of records if, when sending, the opening rate is very low and the bounce rate is very high. In this article we explain different types of lead magnets to attract qualified subscribers and thus achieve a quality email marketing list.Creation of a lead magnet. The first step to attracting quality registrations is to have a powerful magnet, that is, a lead magnet . But what is this ? A

Creation of the subscription form How to multiply 

lead magnet is high-value content that is offered free of charge to those who leave us their personal or professional data. A highly   recommended strategy to generate a database of potential clients. This content will always have to be related executive email list to your brand, product or service. For example, if you are a hotel services or products company, why not offer them a guide on ” How to succeed on TripAdvisor .” Examples of lead magnets. Below I explain some examples of the most common lead magnets: gain

Free webinars or tutorial videos

subscribers Value Content. Quality blog content is the best lead magnet we can create. If this is your case, surely a significant percentage of your readers, in order not to miss your next publications, choose to subscribe to your blog. This Book Your List way, you can periodically create a newsletter in WordPress with your latest articles or other information of interest. A newsletter , as I explained in the article “E -mail marketing: How to plan a campaign “, is content that is usually sent periodically. They can include.

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