Email Marketing How to plan an effective campaign


Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools to reach our target audience. Its advantages with respect to SEO positioning or social networks are related to its immediacy, its low costs and its flexibility. But its management is complex, which is why in most cases the desired results are not achieved. Below I am going to explain some aspects to take into account so that our email marketing strategy works. INDEX [ HIDE ] What is email marketing? By e- mail marketing we understand the sending of communication by e-mail with a clear.

Unsubscription and bounce rate

Build loyalty by offering information of interest (articles, course information, etc.). Announce a new fact. Confirm a subscription, registration or sale. Encourage sales to both an online store and our physical store. Types of emails. Regarding the types of mailing, we can establish three according to their objective: Newsletter. They are usually executive data sent periodically. They can include different types of content: articles, course information, offers, promotions, etc. This mailing will help us build customer loyalty. Advertising or promotional mailing . Shipped promptly. With it we can publicize a new product, communicate a specific offer, send personalized offers to those who have already purchased a certain product from us, etc. Transactional mailing . It is the email we receive when the user performs an action, for example, a purchase or a subscription.

 Use an email marketing platform

The time to design an email marketing campaign is relatively short. If we have all the necessary information, in a maximum of a couple of hours we can make our shipment. Immediacy. The recipient receives it at the time we decide immediately. Straight. The communication of a mailing must be direct, both in the subject and in the copy Book Your List and in the call to action. And all elements must be at the service of the CTA . Otherwise we will not achieve the objectives. Personalized. Each recipient can receive a completely personalized email. Not only can you customize fields such as name or company, but also by segmenting the database, we will send each user the information that really interests them. Segmentation . The database is not just a list of emails.

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