How to brainstorm and generate creative ideas for your business

How to brainstorm and generate creative ideas for your business. Companies must continually make decisions, solve incidents or look for alternatives to certain problems and procedures and improve their processes. To tackle this type of situation and avoid choosing the most common solutions, which in the end lead you to the same starting point, it is interesting to use creativity techniques such as Brainstorming to generate innovative and effective solutions.

Tips to make a brainstorming session more effective

Tips to make a brainstorming session more effective. Encourage the proposal of bad ideas. For a brainstorm to be truly effective, all its members must feel comfortable and not be ashamed to share their ideas, regardless of whether they are good or bad. This is especially important when some of the participants are shy or may be shy about speaking in public. A very good idea to put an end to these top people data negative feelings is to dedicate a few minutes of the session to encouraging participants to propose absurd ideas . This makes the atmosphere relax and they lose any possible embarrassment.

Online Tools for Brainstorming

Online Tools for Brainstorming. Below you have 7 online tools that will help you manage and improve your Brainstorming session . All of them are free and allow you to add other participants. IdeaBoardz is a tool that allows you to create and configure a virtual board . Also, you can create a different section for each problem or situation you need to brainstorm for. Once you have this Book Your List part created, you can invite other users to add comments with the ideas that occur to them. In addition, IdeaBoardz allows voting similar to Facebook “likes”, so it can be very useful to establish an order of priority when evaluating ideas.

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