I will talk about the first

I will talk about the first. This will allow advertisers. To show a larger number of goods , services , and website pages in one advertisement , thereby racing. The time and material costs of creating and placing ads. Who benefits from using it? Advertisers who use carousel ads. To attract social mica audiences to the site. What to advertise? Products , services or individual pages of the site. For example , a page with filling out a subscription form. Users can choose advertising. Users will have the opportunity to opt out of. Intrusive advertising and advertising that is not relevant to their interests. At the same time , for those who use ad blockers.

Networks that we destroyed

Facebook will still show it. The platform team says that , instead of paying blockers for displaying photo editing servies ads on the so called white list as. Facebook previously suggested that some blockers the social network is choosing to develop a positive user experience in personal control over the display of ads. Who benefits from using it? For users who are tired of intrusive and low grade advertising.  App Event Optimization. This tool for app developers allows advertisers. To more accurately reach high value users. Who interact with the app after installation. It makes it possible to choose which action within the application.

Customer support how to respond

To target in order to most effectively reach an audience Book Your List prone. To a certain behavior algorithm. For example , this could be completing a registration. Purchasing process , adding items to cart , viewing content, and so on. Who benefits from using it. Advertisers who are launching their app and want to attract an active audience to it. What to advertise? Actions in the application complete registration right now and receive a prize , invite a friend. Cancellation of the text in pictures rule for advertising posts. Advertisers will now be allow. To promote posts regardless of the amount of text in the image.

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