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Where to place tracking pixels in email code many email service providers offer email marketing analytics and metrics as part of their email solutions. If this is the case, theyve likely already embd a tracking pixel into your email campaigns. But lets say you ne to insert an email tracking pixel into your email. To ensure that tracking pixels work properly, it is important to place them correctly in your email code. Tracking pixels should be plac in the html of your email, preferably at the bottom of the email body. This ensures that the tracking pixel is load after the rest of the email has been display, giving you an accurate measure of the emails open rate. However, if your email weight is greater than 102kb, gmail clipping may occur.

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 In that case, your tracking pixel may not fire because it wasnt load, and that means it wont track anything. For this reason, some developers place tracking pixels closer to the top near header of the email content. Remember to minify your email code before sending, and check out an episode of notes from b2b email list the dev: video ition in which we explain what can cause this gmail clipping problem. What happens when tracking pixels break? Tracking pixels rely on the recipients email client to load the image from the remote server. However, there are several reasons why a tracking pixel may not load properly, such as.

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The email client has block images from loading the email client is not connect to the internet the remote server hosting the tracking pixel is down when a tracking pixel breaks, it may result in inaccurate data being collect. For example, if the tracking pixel does not load, the email may be mark as unopen Book Your List even if the recipient has actually open the email. To avoid inaccurate data, youve got to monitor your tracking pixels regularly and ensure that they are working properly. The bottom line on email tracking pixels tracking pixels are an essential tool for email marketers and developers looking to measure the performance of their email campaigns.

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