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By tracking open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics, email marketers can optimize their campaigns and improve engagement with their audience. However, tracking pixels are not without their challenges. The introduction of mail privacy protection by apple has made it more difficult for email marketers to track the activity of their users. Gdpr compliance also requires email marketers to obtain the consent of the recipient before tracking their activity. When we talk about calls to action (ctas), there are probably a handful of phrases that immiately pop into your head: shop now, read more, download today, contact us, or even click here (hopefully not that last one). Because youre an email marketer, youve seen those words a million times.

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 But the truth is, so have all your subscribers. So, if you want a call to action to stand out, you might want to get a little more creative with your copywriting. In my opinion, the cta copy is just as important as what you write for email subject lines. One b2b leads gets an open, and the other earns the click. According to inbox insights 2023, opens and clicks are still the most popular metrics for measuring email marketing performance. Mailjet by sinch ask more than 3,000 email senders around the world to pick their top three email metrics, and these were the results: open rate (42.7%) clickthrough rate (42.1%) conversion rate (26.0%) unfortunately.

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Open rates have always been a bit unreliable, and now they could be inflat by what happens with apple mail privacy protection (mpp). So, a successful email campaign often comes down to the clicks. And the most clickable thing in your campaign should be the call to action. Why creative cta copywriting gets results inbox insights 2023 also found Book Your List that standing out in the inbox remains the biggest thing holding marketers back from email program success. Creative calls to action are one effective way to make your campaign different from every other message.

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