Internet security what is HTTP protocol

Internet security is one of the main concerns of those users who frequently use the network to include their data in some management or transaction. It is clear that you cannot trust any website. However, there are currently protocols that guarantee the security and privacy of all exposed data. So what is the HTTP protocol ?

Internet security
Internet security is not as effective as it should be in general terms. But the truth is that important steps are being taken to prevent the most sensitive information from being locat by any user.

Protocols on the Internet, which can be more or less secure. Are defin so that the transmission of data between several computers is possible. The latest protocols creat seek the greatest security in this data transmission process.

The information is of a personal nature

The set of protocols takes into account the transmission of data of all types. So there are more than a hundred different ones, intended for b2b phone lists specific points of said transmission. Such as file transfer, email transfer, address resolution, etc.

What is HTTP protocol
Within the set of protocols, there is the one that has standardized the access rules to web pages, known as the HTTP protocol . As a definition, it can be said that it is responsible for ensuring. That data arrives correctly from one computer to another.

It is based on the operation of request and response. With two users being necessary to complete the process: the client and the server. Thus, a user will make the request to enter a web page through a search engine or by writing the address.

It is the standard protocol on any web page, which is us to exchange information between servers and clients. However, it is not a protocol that focuses on security in data transmission.

The server will respond by displaying

HTTPS protocol
The next step in terms of security protocols was taken by creating the HTTPS protocol , which is bas on achieving a secure connection, to protect users’ personal data. To reach this level of protection, the information is transmitt through encrypt messages, which guarantees that a given message can only be seen by the client and the server.

The use of the HTTPS protocol is essential for any activity in which there is a flow of personal data, such as banking entities, online markets, emails, or any website that requires passwords or other personal information. In addition, it uses encryption bas on SSL or TLS certificates , public key Book Your List digital certificates guarante by companies with certification authorities. This certifies that these companies constantly scan the content of secure web pages for any type of malicious content or malware.

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