Specifically and to the Point What is the Problem

Be meticulous in defining the problem that appears on the website. The phrase: “low website traffic” is too general and does not help in solving emerging difficulties. Think carefully about what elements may cause customer dissatisfaction and check the data that can confirm your initial assumptions.

An idea and a way to solve difficulties
If you have already identified the problem that the user is struggling with when using the website’s resources, it’s time to start looking for a possible solution. At this stage, you should specify how you want to conduct tests, as well as which elements modification can effectively help you achieve.

Finally verify the results and formulate conclusions

Time to practice
Now all you need to do is create two versions Ws Data of the project, which will be analyzed by the respondents. Remember that the variants differ from each other by one element. Specify the target and process duration. To work!

Finally, verify the results and formulate conclusions
A/B testing gives a broad view of which idea is more successful in implementation. Answer the question with which option the conversion rate improved.

Once you know the solution, all you have to do is optimize a specific area. However, do not ignore the importance of monitoring in the process of further improvement of the website.

As idea and a way to solve difficulties

After some time, you can run the A/B test again and compare the results Book Your List of the implemented modifications. As a result, after a certain period of time, you verify the conversion percentage of each option.

Let’s assume that with a project with the CTA positioned in the foreground, you get a 30% conversion rate, while the idea with the location in the upper right corner of the newsletter only achieves 10%. Now all you need to do is put the “winning” idea into action.

By investing your time in using this research method, you have a direct impact on the audience’s reaction. Ultimately, you are able to gain the sympathy of the target group. Focus on thorough analysis – do not draw hasty conclusions. Be patient and make your customers come back to your e-shop platform.

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