Interview with Antonio A Peña from MSERCON

As you know, from time to time we like to use the blog to interview some of the health professionals who use Clinic Cloud in their clinic.

In this case we interviewed Antonio A. Peña, general director of MSERCON , who tells us about his work and his experience in the sector. Could you briefly explain to us what your job entails?

The sale of high-performance rehabilitation equipment, technical aids and the performance of surgical interventions aimed at improving the quality of life of various types of patients. On the one hand, there are those affected by some type of brain damage, both congenital and acquired, and who suffer from chronic pain and spasticity. In the case of brain damage, the range of pathologies treatable with our surgical technique is very wide, from cerebral palsy in its different forms diplegia, hemiplegia, tetraplegia or similar, such as hereditary spastic paraparesis.

We have two types of activities

In the case of acquired brain damage, we can help patients who have suffered a stroke or similar or some type of traumatic damage mainly due to cell phone lists an accident. This surgical technique treats the consequences of these pathologies or others that cause similar consequences, such as fibromyalgia, myofascial pain or muscle fibrosis caused by “occupational diseases.” Although the range is very wide, the largest number of patients we treat are those affected by cerebral palsy in some of its forms.

It is an outpatient surgical technique, with few associated risks, little traumatic and with a fairly short period of return to daily life.

We form a multidisciplinary team from different parts of the world and in which our main objective is to improve the quality of life of the patient we treat in one way or another. Perhaps one of the greatest successes is that we try to be part of the existing treatments, providing them with something extra so that they continue to be effective.

The most common problems you see in your consultation

We have been working in this sector in one way or another since 2008 and the reason that led us to do so was that we observed a huge gap in the treatment of this type of patient focused on providing functionality without forgetting the resolution of the associated joint problems and that They entail the execution of much more aggressive surgical techniques with greater associated risks. We are parents of a child affect by one of these pathologies and this inspires us to be even more careful with what we do.

A book can be written about problems, but perhaps one of the most common is the complaint due to lack of information.

Throughout these years many cases have been treat, for us many have been very special but perhaps those that stand out are those where a cardiovascular accident or a severe trauma has completely chang the Book Your List life of the person who suffers it and after years of struggle they have manag to with this surgery an improvement in their quality of life that they hardly expect, stability in walking, better handling, an improvement in daily hygiene.

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