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Jealousy The eagerness of human beings for their own material belongings and those around them can blind reason and spend money on things that can later weigh on their conscience. The boss’s latest generation mobile, the smart TV or the neighbor’s car, the reforms of the brother-in-law’s house and much more that involves belongings that are synonymous with social status are the worst enemies of finances. Technology, brande clothing and footwear, the number of items flooding the market are examples of the social effect of encouraging people to overspend and leave them in debt, which could lead to bigger problems down the road.

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When using emotional intelligence, you have to ask yourself: Am I aware of what I want? Do I really nee that Smart TV (mobile, shoe, car, clothes, etc.)? Are you in a position to budget for a vanity expense of having a new car like your neighbor’s? This feeling, however, can be transforme with emotional intelligence, leaving Whatsapp Number List irrationality aside and turning negative jealousy into something more positive: it’s not bad to want the car, the TV, the clothes, the mobile. This is what is calle self-control. Therefore, you have to set new goals to have that (not by imitating your neighbor or boss) but for quality of life and achieving additional economic resources with new projects without implying debt or ruin.

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Desmidian or presa The negative attitude of believing that managing finances is too difficult to do or postponing the nee to gain the basic knowlege to do so is one way that emotions affect people’s financial situation. Some people find talking about numbers and accounts a difficult subject and quickly lose interest. For strong personal finances and wealth creation, a basic understanding of money is crucial. It is not require to be an expert accountant, but it is necessary to eucate yourself on the basic knowlege to make appropriate Book Your list decisions. Wealth and financial well-being will suffer if finances are not kept in order. It is advisable to set aside time each month to stick to a budget. This will help you manage money more effectively and also help you achieve your goals.

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