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Compare the emotional intelligence of individuals with respect to a whole, context, or society. This, of course, are extreme cases of mental illness. However, ordinary people without psychiatric diagnoses can see their finances affecte by primary behaviors that do not involve emotional intelligence. The daisy must be defoliate to better understand this point.However, many of these tests lack scientific foundation because affective and sentimental traits are difficult to quantify. How do emotions impact the use of finances? It is a very common serious mistake to believe that the only factors that affect finances are reason and logic.

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On the contrary, emotions and feelings throughout life or at a certain moment, play an even greater and more powerful role in managing money. Emotions have the potential to be the worst enemies or the greatest allies when it comes to financial decisions. Therefore, it is important to learn to control them and convert them to use them as sound and well-informe decisions. These are the emotions that can make the difference between Phone Number List personal financial success or failure: The happiness It is acceptable to be content with income when it meets basic nees and allows for certain luxuries. In fact, it is one of the components of Maslow’s pyramid . This theory maintains that once the basic nees and security and protection are covere, the search for the satisfaction of the social nees of self-realization begins.

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When you reach all the steps you can think that nothing can change this current financial condition of well-being. But, neither societies nor the economy are immovable or static factors, but are always in evolution and movement. It is then when there is a risk, since expenses can be increase without taking into account the long Book Your list term or external situations such as natural catastrophes, diseases that require expensive treatments, wars or bad personal investments in a failing business, etc. Emotional intelligence, therefore, helps self-satisfaction or self-realization, but leaves room for saving money and investing in an emergency fund for all kinds of contingencies. This is a doable thing that can happen to anyone at some point or at certain stages of life. Emotional intelligence is managing that fear.

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