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Call recording Integrates with CRM systems Not tie to a plaIn addition to the standard combination of four digits, you can even connect two or five. The price for the service will vary, depending on the simplicity of the number. A short number increases the volume of calls by 20%. It is use by companies from various business sectors: financial and creit organizations taxi service transport companies and delivery services technical support insurance funds meical institutions official dealers of major brands online shopping. Be in quick access In a fast world, you nee a fast connection.A short number is easier to remember, and a call is even easier.

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The dialing will take less than a minute, and the spee of the answer depends only on you. At your disposal are several dozen active channels that you can manage on your own. Close unnecessary ones directly in the subscriber’s personal account. Telephony setup is very simple, we have create an intuitive interface. But we do not leave Bulk SMS Belgium clients alone with difficulties. In case you can’t figure it out without help, you can use the hints. The manual is as simple as possible and anyone can handle it. More clients more sales The more people come as customers, the higher the revenue. Conversion often depends on the level of training of managers, their personal interest in the implementation of the product.

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You can control the work of managers by recording conversations. Manage your employees, and the virtual PBX will handle the flow of calls on its own. Advertising is more effective A short phone number is remembere much faster, so it requires fewer impressions. Our research has shown that every second person remembers the number at the first mention on the radio, every fifth person remembers the number at the first glance Book Your list at a roadside billboard or banner. The effectiveness of advertising grows by 200%. It is convenient to place short numbers on any online and offline meia they do not take up much space and do not overlap part of the content, but at the same time they are more noticeable due to the increase size of characters.

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