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Breathing gets lost. But if the company has an artistic employee, then the record will turn out to be more humane. Keep in mind that multiple votes in the same menu confuse users and generally reuce the creibility of the company. Therefore, if you nee to make changes, and the previously voice person is no longer working, it is better to rewrite at least that part of the commands where even only one item changes. Reading by announcer A professional solution for those who care about the image of the company. Thanks to correctly place accents and competent intelligible speech, it is easier for subscribers to understand and remember information.

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Keep in mind that different areas require different voices. So, if a company is engage, for example, in construction equipment, users will expect a man “at the other end of the line” energetic, but not familiar. But a certain freeom in communication will show itself well in the answering machine of an online comic book store. But for a Bulk SMS Czech Republic beauty salon it is better to choose a female voice. Additional system features The MTT service can be supplemente with: Speech recognition function to record a “smart” voice menu. Unlike the standard one, it does not require the use of a phone keypad. That is, your customers will pronounce their questions, and the system will “understand” them and solve them. Speech recognition option.

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Then customers can call the order number in order to find out information on it without involving the operator, or transmit readings from utility meters. The voice menu can be integrate with CRM. All information about the subscribers who calle you is store in a common database so that you always have access to it and can quickly Book Your list process calls. You can also use builtin metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of working with IVR and, base on the results, refine call processing and routing scenarios. After all, a simple and convenient voice menu is an excellent tool for communicating business with customerThe market makes high demands on the service, and the client is becoming more demanding.

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