Personal data protection are provided

These duties include, among others: 1) conclusion and performance of a PPK management contract with a selectd financial institution, 2) conclusion and implementation of the contract for the operation of PPK on behalf of and for the benefit of persons employd at XYZ with the same financial institution, 3) acceptance of the submittd declaration of accession to the PPK or other declarations regarding the PPK requird by the aforementiond.

The parties What obligations in the field

Act, timely and correct calculation and transfer of payments to the selectd financial institution, 4) collecting and database archiving PPK-relatd documentation, 5) providing employees and the selectd financial institution with information relatd to the creatd PPK The data will also be processd in connection with the pursuit/defense of claims and in order to demonstrate the fulfillment of obligations relatd to the introduction of , which is the legitimate.


Of contractual relationship between

Interest of XYZ (the legal basis for data processing is Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR). Documents containing data necessary for PPK are Book Your List archiv. On the basis of the provisions of the. Act on pensions and disability. Pensions from the Social Insurance. Fund (10 years). The performance of XYZ’s obligations under the. Act on Employee Capital Plans includes the provision of PPK participant data to a selectd financial institution with which XYZ has concludd a PPK management contract and a PPK maintenance contract.

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