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Sometimes it is more convenient to order a callback on the site – the system will process the application and automatically call the clients on the list.  Recording of conversations. It can be use as a visual teaching aid, or as evidence of an employee’s careless attitude to professional duties. The presence of a record disciplines, does not allow operators to behave beyond what is permitte. Integration with CRM (AmoCRM, Bitrix, etc.). Multichannel numbers. They can simultaneously receive up to hundres of calls. Intelligent call forwarding.

It Provides Control Tools

The call goes into queues according to pre-define scenarios. Detaile call log. Here you can see the details of calls, from which numbers and at what time they were made, the duration of the conversation, create “white” and “black” lisA 3G connection is sufficient for stable operation of telephony. This is the best condition for young companies, when the budget is extremely small and strictly scheule. Not enough money for equipment and installation of mini-ATS? They have not been neee for a long time. You can start a business now, even Bulk SMS Israel in an empty office. What is a SIP phone This is a device for making and receiving calls. Outwardly, it looks like a regular phone, but the principle of its operation is base on the SIP protocol.

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Allows You To Increase Call Volumes

You can call from it both to similar devices and to analog ones. They are divide into 2 types: Working independently from the computer, with a direct connection. Software (softphones). The package becomes more complex as the price tag rises. The cheapest option is a regular phone with a standard set of buttons. The more expensive Book Your list the model, the more additional features it has: conferencing, call hold, spee dial buttons and others. They support the function of a notebook up to 1,000 numbers. Some are equippe with LCD monitors and cordless handsets. Can other devices be use In addition to a SIP phone , you can use any other devices: computer laptop tablet smartphone analog phone with IP gateway.

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