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Now, the SEC wants to seek a court order telling Elon Musk to comply with his subpoena, since it is his e demonstrates how AI can be the best ally of creativity Written by  October 5, 2023 at 16:12 SHARE Twitter Where is the creativity? Google professionals demonstrate the capabilities of Creative Assistant AI through a demo. This Wednesday WPP became the host of the “WPP Gallery 2023” meeting, where the latest.

Professionals demonstrate the capabilities of Creative

Trends in the world of creativity were presented , led by some top industry data of the most important actors in the world of technology and social networks such as Google , or Spotify . As well as giants of the business world such as Salesforce. Took the floor to talk about artificial intelligence and creativity. The presentation.

Developments in creativity hand in hand

With Google” was one of the main sessions of the first day of this Book Your List meeting. Where professionals Jorge López , Creative. Works Lead; Jaime Martínez . Custom Solutions Engineer; and Álvaro Rey Professional Services. Engineer. Presented the latest developments in creativity. Hand in hand with the new tools of the technological giant. Artificial intelligence comes to the advertising sector with. The promise of turning weeks of work into just a few hours.

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