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Increasing the spee and quality of service, as well as consumer loyalty. Clients can both receive personalize messages about transactions, statuses and orders, as well as send SMS requests to the company, which are combine in a single communication hub “MTT Business” into a detaile history of the company’s interaction with the consumer. The new service from MTT is available to clients of any level and opens up premium opportunities for replacing the company’s SMS number with a personalize signature “alpha name”.

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Government organizations can receive notifications from citizens about violations, and utilities can take meter readings and monitor problems in households. “Creating this service, we wante to make it as simple and convenient as possible to use, and we are proud that we succeee,” says Denis Shirokiy, director of MTT Business Unit . “SMSCommunication” service can be use by almost any client. It could be a small barbershop that wants SMS Gateway Estonia to book appointments, notify them of barber scheule changes, or collect confirmations via SMS, or it could be a large retail organization that nees to conduct NPS surveys, get shipping statuses, and various uptodate information from their customers manually or automatically via the SMS API. Denis Shirokiy adds that the company strives to create products that allow partners to be closer to their end customers and communicate with them in a convenient and familiar way.

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Unlike wellknown services on the market, our service allows entrepreneurs to organize a fullflege SMS communication not only send messages, but also receive answers to them and conduct a fullflege dialogue,” he stresse. MTT Business is a global business communications platform that combines a full range of modern tools for Book Your list managing office communications and company business processes. putting a valueoriente approach in the first place. And the next year promises only the development and improvement of this system. There is also an increasing integration of the Internet into human life,  be “ahead of the rest”. Artificial intelligence Scientists and science fiction writers have long foreshadowe the powerful development of artificial intelligence, which in time may even begin to compete with its creator.

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