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We were able to increase the reach to webinars from 30% to 78%. At the moment, PROST is building a funnel through the main messengers, showing an open rate of about 82% compare to 18% sent to regular “soap”epany blog In 2018, it is planne that more and more companies and businessmen will create their own online blogs, thereby having the opportunity to additionally influence the opinion of their potential customers. In addition, such a marketing move allows you to get valuable feeback in the form of reviews and opinions of subscribers. Personally, I have been using my social meia pages as blogging platforms for a long time and, believe me, this decision has paid off 100%. I get up to 10 hits a week, given that I haven’t launche direct advertising yet.

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It is interesting that the blog of our company still brings customers, even despite the fact that we stoppe filling it about five years ago. Maximum usefulness and some targete traffic that’s the whole secret of a successful blog. Selling videos Short simple videos with an accessible description of the offere product or service are explainers. According to SMS Gateway Slovenia statistics, if an online store contains not only textual information about products, but also a video demonstrating it, four times more potential consumers will view such content. When doing lead generation for different projects, we compare the cost and number of applications that come from videos and classic advertising (text, photo). As our study showe, the use of video content allowe us to reuce the cost of an application from 92 to 55 rubles.

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All Together It Takes A Couple Of Minutes

Given the fact that YouTube channels and videos on social networks generate hundres of applications every day for different types of businesses, it is extremely irrational to lose sight of this advertising and marketing promotion tool. Especially if this scrap is the leader of public opinion in his region or locality. That is why social network Book Your list users and bloggers with an audience of subscribers from For all orders, there is a tendency to increase mobile traffic, both in the b2c and b2b sectors. Viral content Despite some expressiveness of the first part of this phrase.

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