Your Single Number

If your business has just begun to develop and operates within the same region/city, do not rush to take on an extra burden. Do not attract calls from other areas if you are not sure of the benefits. Localize business With the help of MTT you will immeiately mark your presence in the local market of one of 89 cities in Russia. Connect number 495 or 499 for Moscow, even if you are in another place. You can choose from several categories of rooms: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and exclusive. Ready for 24/7 work? Receive calls at any time, even if no one is in the office. In your personal account, you can set up call forwarding to any available phone.

Abandon It Altogether Without Losing

You won’t miss anything if you miss a call at night. Just remember to check your voicemail in the morning. Perhaps there are several messages from late customers. Save more on communication Call from a Moscow city number for 99 kop/min to any operator. You will not get confuse in the accounts, to pay for services you Bulk SMS Turkey nee one payment on a single personal account. All Business Packages in MTT Solutions include 2 web widgets: online consultant and callbackemunication with the client goes even in the absence of “live” communication. The feeback form is develope taking into account the wishes of the customer, corporate color and website featu more profitable than usual communication.

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International And Long-distance

You will not get confuse in the tariffs – calls to any phone at the same price. Paying less doesn’t mean skimping on quality. MTT IP telephony guarantees good audibility, stable connection and no interference. Big geography Long distance and international calls at the price of the home region. Find customers far beyond the physical location of the company. Explore new markets to grow and prosper your business. Technology Book Your list can be use: to communicate with customers around the world for conducting surveys and market research for organization of budgetary corporate communications to bring together all remote employees Forget busy line All virtual numbers are multichannel. Take up to 100 calls at the same time.

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