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This is a great alternative to expensive corporate communications. Your employees can communicate from anywhere in Russia for free, without falling out of the general statistics. With the MTT Business SIM card, you will save on call forwarding and call settings. Connect ready-made solutions This service is part of MTT Solutions for Business. You can choose the best for yourself. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? We advise you to refer to the “Starting a Business” Solution. It includes: One city number with the code of the selecte city Pack of 500 Free Minutes 5 workplaces and 5 MTT SIM -cards Feeback Widget Widget “Smart Consultant” With this package.

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You will receive your first customers already at the start of your business. Leave a request on the site and wait for the connection. The share of efficiency is distribute between them almost equally, telephony accounts for an Bulk SMS Vietnam average of 45%. Losses and their causes The first reason is misse calls. How to improve efficiency The issue can be resolve quickly. The main thing is to work on problems pointwise. Managers work hard and do not have time? It’s time to expand the staff. Calls after business hours? Connect interactive menu and voice mail.

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The next time, the client will hear something like this on the phone: “Hi! You calle the Zolotaya Rybka pet store, but today our little animals are tire and we are close until morning. We will be glad to see you on weekdays from and on Saturday from Would you like to leave us an urgent message? Just stay on the line.” IVR -menu and voicemail services are include in IP telephony services . And the problem of a busy phone can be connecte Book Your list to the number 8 800. It is use to receive hundres of calls at the same time. Monitor agents with statistics and call recording. Encourage workaholics and don’t waste time on complete lazy people who only hinder the company’s developmeLeave a request on the site Connection will take no more than 15 minutes.

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