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SHARE Twitter Taboola features innovative technology that leverages contextual signals from 600 million users to automatically maximize conversions. Taboola has launched “Maximize Conversions”, a solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize conversions in native ad campaigns. This new technology gives way to a new framework in PPC (cost per click) strategies, leaving aside their manual nature and the large amount of time invested in them.

While maintaining cost per acquisition

To do this, simply set a budget from which Taboola ‘s algorithm category email list automates PPC bidding to obtain the highest number of conversions without exceeding said budget. Some Taboola advertisers have seen conversions increase by up to 50% while maintaining cost per acquisition (CPA), while others have reduced CPA by up to 20%. In addition to making ad campaigns more effective, “Maximize Conversions” also reduces the time it takes advertisers to achieve expected results by half. 

Complying with the advertiser's daily budget

This solution, designed to give advertisers greater flexibility in Book Your List their campaigns, can also be used without having a specific CPA set, complying with the advertiser’s daily budget and generating the greatest number of conversions with a lower expense. Taboola launches the “Maximize Conversions” solution “Advertisers need technology that delivers ROI simply and effectively,” said Adam Singolda , CEO and founder of Taboola.

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