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Providing information in a way that demonstrates that it has been done is essential for the accountability principle, and email is a good tool. Of course, if the breach affected a large group of people, calling would be rather impossible. I independently prepare the content of the information that will be sent to the person whose data has been breached (in accordance with the requirements set out in Article 34 of the GDPR) and to the person to whom the data has been transferred and I am asking the administrator’s employees to send it today.

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Starting to prepare the infringement notification form to the UODO myself. I try to describe everything as simply and clearly as whatsapp mobile number list possible. There are people on the other side who are reading this and they need to know exactly what happened. If any issues indicated in the application remain unclear, the UODO will send a letter asking for clarification of the information, so it is best to indicate everything right away.

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The completed form to UODO using a trusted profile. Having a power of attorney for such action from the data administrator. It is important Book Your List to have a power of attorney to report violations. It would be stupid if it turned out that no one. Has the appropriate power of attorney. And the person who, in accordan with the rules of representation of the entity. Should submit the notification. Is on vacation or is sick in the hospital. Such additional attractions only cau pressure jumps. And should be avoid by taking care of granting the power of attorney in advance.

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