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We will now take a closer look at what sets! What is 3PL? Third-party suppliers of logistics services are often calle 3PL. A 3PL logistics company will outsource various logistical tasks to a third party. A 3PL partner will be happy to handle all the company’s logistics tasks, so that everyday work becomes easier. 3PL services do not have to be limite to shipping. Many suppliers will also offer storage space in their own warehouse buildings, picking of goods, packing, dispatch and returns. The online store’s products are usually store with the 3PL supplier, who takes care of all logistics. The provider of 3PL services would like to have a system that can be integrate with your online store or accounting system. Therefore, you will still get a full overview of all logistics processes.

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You can almost think of a 3PL provider as a business that handles other 2PL providers. 3PL will, for example, be able to use shipping services through phone number list second-party suppliers such as Bring, Porterbuddy or the like. Warehouse management Picking Goods receipt Packing Transportation Return handling What is 4PL? The distinction between 3PL and 4PL can be quite diffuse, since the two have many similarities. Simply explaine, a 4PL provider is a company that manages 3PL providers. You can therefore consider a 4PL as a company that operates on an independent basis and coordinates the services of 3PL providers.

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The most important difference between 3PL and 4PL is therefore that 4PL operates at a higher level than 3PL. What is 5PL? The technological Book Your list development in logistics has been significant in recent years. This has given rise to 5PL providers. A 5PL role when it comes to organizing the clients. They offer technological implementation solutions for a number of clients.

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