The habit of writing improves intelligence Handwriting

Will affect dexterity, which in turn will increase our IQ Many studies confirm it, and the author can also confirm it When we write every day, we will notice that the thinking process does not feel so difficult anymore.

Sometimes we will find that we don’t have to think too much about what we should write next. What happens is that our subconscious mind is already doing our job automatically, helping us find the resources we need to help our writing.

This is related to the exchange of system 1 and system 2 in our brain. 4. Reduces Stress & Helps Recover Emotional Issues Did you know that writing can also make physical wounds heal faster?

It doesn’t matter if we write in a diary or a blog if possible

Interesting facts to know. Aside from the Whatsapp Mobile Number List physical, writing is excellent medicine for emotional wounds and trauma. When we write down our problems on a piece of paper, we often feel relieved. When we read the paper again, we will feel better than before.

God willing, we will gain confidence that we will be able to survive the test. In addition, there is a Harvard study suggesting that writing will reduce stress Less stress means better productivity and health.

Write well How to Be a Good And Inspiring Writer Good writing make this activity

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So do writing when we feel the need to “heal”. 5. The Book Your list habit of writing will train us to organize ideas and express them more effectively I have been writing almost every day since 2010.

The difference that can be felt as a result of consistent writing is: I can learn how to structure what, when, and how I want to say something or an idea. During this period, my communication skills have developed well. And I believe it is the result of constant and consistent writing that I have practiced over the years.

Closing Writing is always an activity that is taken for granted although it has been used as a form of test since school. If we begin to realize its importance, we will understand how beneficial this writing activity is.

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