Tips for Building Healthy Eating Habits

It is a popular dietary advice. And it is a reminder that the food we eat has a direct impact on our life, health, appearance and of course our productivity. However, how many of us apply this advice in our daily lives?

To understand proper nutrition can sometimes be a challenge because there are so many opinions with different ideas. Therefore it is better to refer to those who are experts in this field.

Here are some practical tips to better manage our eating habits: 1. Plan our food in advance Take the weekend to plan our daily meals and what to buy at the store so that we don’t have to eat meggi late at night as an option.

Always bring healthy snacks We definitely need healthy snacks

Make a food diary Use our smartphone or journal Phone Number List to record the details of each meal we eat and then refer back to each item we recorded each week. We will be amazed at the amount of food we eat. If we want to be more advanced , there is an application that can help us calculate the number of calories we take every day.

Practice fasting The health benefits of fasting should not be underestimated. Try fasting twice a week (Monday and Thursday) as advised by Prophet Muhammad SAW. If that is too difficult, practice three times a month the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth days of the Islamic lunar calendar 4. Start our day with a nutritious breakfast.

Nuts provide good fats for good brain activity and have a lot of energy

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Too many people deny themselves the most important Book Your list meal to start their day. Breakfast acts as a catalyst for the body and mind because it kickstarts our metabolism. Metabolism is the engine responsible for the speed of our brain and body functions.

Have breakfast with foods that can strengthen muscles from good sources of protein such as omelets. Also provide important carbohydrates such as oats, muffins or bread for our brain.


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