The Internet are also very relevant

Force People today are cautious and afraid. Because they are afraid that they will buy something that they don’t really nee. They are afraid of falling into the trap of the so-calle “salesman’s” good talk. Also, all kinds of frauds that take place when buying on, and the quality of the product/service (from now on I will alternately use the name product or service, sometimes together, but the idea remains the same) is not immeiately known. This automatically puts a strong “firewall” in front of your potential customer. How to avoid it? With a very strong guarantee that the purchase is 100% risk-free. It also shows that you yourself trust your product/service 100%, but what is more important, it removes the worry and protective wall from the customer.

The customer wants a refund

It’s calle spreading the risk and it’s really, really easy to do. Just offer a 100% service/product satisfaction guarantee. If they don’t like what Latest Mailing Database you offer them, they can ask for a refund without giving an explanation. For services online, it is usually 30 or 60 days, for real products a little less. Fortunately, consumer protection in Estonia also protects the rights of the consumer, and the 14-day right of return applies to goods bought on the Internet. It has its own rules, which you can read about here ( make returns difficult for the customer. It must be very simple.

Latest Mailing Database

There should be no question

There are definitely some exceptions, especially when it comes to a physical product and a very expensive one at that. Then be sure to set the Book Your list conditions very firmly in which cases no refunds will be made, etc. If you sell a digital product, anything. If, give it back, no questions aske. It probably won’t cost you anything (digital products are made once and hundres are sold), but you can lose a customer and a bad word about you can spread quickly.

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