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The library the era of growing competition and extensive SEO techniques, ethical behavior and compliance with Google guidelines are becoming crucial to success on the Internet. Therefore, it is worth following Google guidelines, investing in valuable content and ethical SEO practices. Unethical SEO practices can lead to algorithmic filtering. The filter causes a sharp drop in the page’s position in organic results. This translates into reduce traffic and, consequently, conversions. Therefore, it is worth conducting the positioning process in accordance with the guidelines for webmasters. What exactly is an algorithmic filter and when can it be applie to a website.

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Google filter is a penalty impose by Google on a website for not following Google’s webmaster guidelines and using practices classic as Black Hat SEO . Imposing such a penalty results in a lower position of the website in organic search results , which translates Photo Retouching into a decrease in website traffic . There are two types of Google filters: algorithmic and manual. The algorithmic filter is applie automatically by the search engine algorithm. The manual filter is applie manually by Google employees from the Search Quality Team. If a manual filter is applie, this information is available in Google Search Console.

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The website administrator is also inform about the reason for the penalty. In the case of an algorithmic filter, it is different. The administrator is not inform about the fact that a penalty has been impose or its reason. The reasons for applying a filter vary. These may Book Your List include, for example, low-quality incoming links , duplication of content or excessive saturation of the page with keywords. Reasons for imposing an algorithmic filter The filter is applie to a website or e-commerce store if search engine algorithms, e.g. Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, detect an attempt to manipulate search results.

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