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Workflows where personal stories about real experiences within the company can provide a connection, a bit of humanity and a personal touch. That is important, because as humans we crave connection. Especially in this digital world of hybrid working. So when content relies on the people we know, our own colleagues, it feels more real and relevant. It is easier to feel connecte to an individual than a communication channel. EGC can therefore be very valuable, especially between all company information and top-down communication. Recognizable stories give employees the feeling that they are not alone in their emotions and challenges, and we will always nee that support.

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Turn employees into content creators But how do you successfully apply EGC within your organization? An easy-to-use platform and the right incentive turns any employee photo editor into a content creator. With positive feeback and nice reactions from colleagues, they will probably even enjoy sharing their experience and knowlege. Use your existing communication channels to give your employees a stage. Think, for example, of an intranet, where people can post blog posts about their daily activities. Or a mobile app, where people can share short videos about certain policy documents. However, it doesn’t always have to be about work. 

Combination of types for maximum results

Employees can of course also briefly inform us about what they do outside of work in a newsletter or on narrowcasting screens. Holiday snaps or a funny video of their pet are also examples of EGC that shows who the person behind the colleague is. So open your ‘official’ communication channels to your colleagues, so that they can show themselves! Get the most out of your internal communication in 2022 These trends in internal communications should make one thing very clear: a very diverse workforce requires very Book Your List diverse experiences. And your internal communication must respond to this as much as possible in the future.

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