The use of semantics

 The use of semantics, therefore of related words , synonyms and abbreviations, is a debated topic. In recent years it has been the factor that, by all accounts, had the greatest opportunity to take the place of backlinks. With a score of 3.82 it takes on a relevance class of b. Seo trend-04-semantics 3. On-page optimization As you may already know, on-page seo refers to all those techniques for optimizing the internal elements of a web page : h1, h2, descriptive image tags, bold, etc. In short, all those elements that generally give clear and precise indications on the important topics in a web text. The relevance class is b , with an average score of 3.81 . The trend appears to be contracting.

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Read also how to do seo effectively: keywords, on-site and off-site factors Seo trend-05-on-page-seo-optimization 4. User Shipbuilding and Boatbuilding Email List experience These are the elements that contribute to creating a good experience for the user when browsing a page. It is not a real ranking factor, since there is no algorithm that can precisely measure this value, but it includes a series of factors – such as ctr or dwell time -, which suggest to google how optimal it is the user experience. The average score is 4.06 with relevance class a. A growing trend. Seo trend-06-user-experience 5. Website architecture The architecture of the website, including categories, menus, tags , indicates the ability of professionals to organize the contents of the site in a logical and structured way, allowing users to access them easily

The relevance class

The relevance class is a , with an average score of 4.03 . This proves to be a slightly growing trend. Seo trend-07-site-architecture 6. Freshness Have you already heard of it? Freshness identifies the publication of new resources on a site and how many times it is updated . Users always prefer new content, so google has learned to recognize sites that periodically produce different content. At this moment, this factor is Book Your List contracting with an average score of 3.51 and a relevance class of b. Seo trend-08-freshness 7. Mobile experience We are in the mobile era and therefore seo is also moving in that direction. Not all sites, however, are prepared for this change. There are sites that have an excellent user experience on desktop, while, if you browse on mobile, you encounter various problems.

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