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A lot of suffering. Over these 40 years, several There was exclusion of  social movements have emerged with the aim of ending a prejudice that did not arise only from the population, but also from professionals and public bodies. Currently, AIDS is still not well regarded by many people and is still a big taboo in society. However, communication in health has improved a lot and professionals have effective measures to prevent the virus. With effective communication, it was possible to drastically reduce the number of deaths and make people take better care of themselves. Data from the Ministry of Health for 2020 show that there has been a decrease in the AIDS detection rate among Brazilians since 2012.

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A drop of 18.7%. Read more: How a postgraduate. There was exclusion of  degree in Public Administration can make a difference 3. October Rose You’ve probably already been impacted by a Pink October action. The campaign is dedicated to Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data disseminating information about rights and the importance of paying close attention to women’s health. She reiterates the importance of consultation with a gynecologist, medical assistance and emotional support. The movement began in the 1980s by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, founded by Nancy Brinker, with the aim of studying breast cancer. Since then, the race against the disease has intensified. In Brazil.

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Currently, the disease is the second that most affects women in Brazil. According to recent data from the National Cancer Institute (INCA). About 66,280 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in Brazil in 2020. The number indicates that every 100,000 women, 56 develop the condition. However, men can also be infected by the disease. As they have Book Your List mammary glands and female hormones, albeit in small quantities. It’s rare, but it happens. For this reason, it is essential that men and women undergo an annual breast exam to prevent the disease or treat it in advance. Find out how many undergraduate courses there are in Brazil.

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