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A link or code available only to email recipients means that you will have no doubts where buyers come from. It is similarly easy to assess the conversion funnel in cold calling or direct sales. It will not be so easy in the case of a billboard or distribute forms of marketing, the scope of which is difficult to determine. We recommend Customization, is there a customer who doesn’t love it? 1 percent conversion – is it a lot or a little? The conversion funnel is an effective tool and is therefore a standard online sales support.

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People who encounter this concept for the first time are sometimes disappointe with the level of conversion, which is often several percent. If for every 100 people, on average, only 2-3 make a purchase, can we talk about success? This is the wrong question. The conversion funnel is 1-2% effective. sometimes that’s enough to be whatsapp mobile number list successful. For example: if you send a thousand automatic emails a day, and the conversion is 1-2%, this means about 10-20 new customers a day. Average conversion 3.75 percent. that’s a lot if your Google ad is seen by millions every day.

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Whether a few percent conversion is a lot or a little also depends on the industry. Community blog If, for example, you sell exclusive real estate, it pays off to invest in mailing to a thousand people, if as a result one of them spends millions on an Book Your List apartment. However, if you sell pens, such mailing would cost you more than expecte revenue at 1% conversion. Remember that you can influence the conversion funnel by improving its individual elements. Well-written, attractive content will ensure that your e-mails will be opene by a dozen, not a few percent of recipients, and among them, a dozen, not a few percent of people will click on a link or an offer. All of this means you can end up converting well above the industry average.

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