Tips for Choosing the Best Spinning Reel

How to choose a good spinning reel?

A good spinning reel should be of good quality and worth the price.

And what’s more important, he must be able to carry out the task properly.

It’s really confusing if you want to buy really good stuff.

However I will give you some important tips that may help you

1. Try to Get Oral Evidence
Ask the fishing shop operator about the type of reel you want.

Although most of us will google the info of a reel Latest Mailing Database first, the experience of individuals who have used the product is very useful.

Most of them are of course used to go fishing (they should) and know the difference between the equipment they use.

If they claim there is no problem with the reel that suits your needs, then buy the same model.

2. Do the Loop Exam
When examining pedal rotation, please pay attention to any loose grip between each gear.

Make sure the paddle is steady, gurls smoothly, doesn’t wobble, or applies tightness and snagging.

The paddles on some reels have slip shafts and opposing lock screws, but the shafts should fit snugly without any slack.

Hold the spindle rotor from turning, then move the paddles back and forth to measure the free-play between the gears.

3. More Ball Bearings, Better?

A phenomenon in recent reels is to include many ball bearings

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Actually, the number of ball bearings in a spinning Book Your List reel is not an indication of its quality or durability.

Often the bearings placed in a poor spinning reel design are of low quality material and tend to corrode or be exposed to the inclusion of sand, salt and water particles.

If there are more bearings like this, more problems will arise.

Try looking at the spinning reel breakdown diagram included in your reel box.

It is worth researching and asking questions to the fishing shop operator about the quality of the components, for example gears and ball bearings.

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