Tools to Help You Create Low-fi and High-fi Mockups

You should prepare a functional mock-up when you want to check the project’s efficiency, estimate its implementation costs, and optimize the budget.

With low-fi and high-fi mockups you can analyze graphic design, content and user interactions. In this way, you will build a database of valuable information that, when used when creating the final version of the product, will help you achieve your intended results.

Creating functional mockups is not difficult as long as you use useful tools for this purpose. Here are sample programs thanks to which even a beginner UX designer can create a mock-up.

Xd is an Intuitive Mockup Tool From Adobe

MIRO is a tool that allows you to save ideas, plans, designs and interface Whatsapp Database prototypes on a digital whiteboard. In recent years, MIRO has evolved, focusing on aesthetics and versatility.

Thanks to online access, you can log in and work from anywhere in the world on any computer. However, being limited to online-only work may cause delays or instability for more complex projects that require a fast internet connection.

The resource of ready-made components for functional mockups is limited, and therefore more suitable for simple website or application designs. Although the tool has its own unique aesthetic, it is not always consistent with the nature of the project – take this into account when creating your mockup.

The Argument That Should Convince You to Develop

MIRO is perfect for collaborative teamwork. A free account Book Your List allows you to freely test the tool, so you won’t incur unnecessary costs.
Why is it worth choosing to implement low-fi and high-fi mockups?

Their use brings many important benefits for the development of your strategy. These are: AXURE, although simple at first glance, is a versatile UX mockup tool. It is intuitive thanks to a rich library of ready-made elements and components.

Although it may seem a bit more advanced than other tools, once implemented it offers almost unlimited possibilities for building functional mockups. The tool also enables smooth teamwork and online presentation of projects after their creation.

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