What is a rural doctor and what is to day life like

The exodus to large cities and the improvement of communications have meant that the figure of the rural doctor has lost certain relevance, but his work remains essential to offer health care to isolated populations.

What is a rural doctor?
The doctor is one who serves populations of less than 15,000 inhabitants. In such small municipalities it is often unfeasible to build a hospital. The alternative that the inhabitants go to the nearest hospital is not ideal either, taking into account that in many cases these towns have a very elderly population.

The  doctor is assign several small towns in an area and he is in charge of “doing the rounds” periodically visiting each of them to consult at the local office or go to the home of the sick.

The daily life of the rural doctor

Rural doctors are more than doctors, they are already part of our cultural heritage and one of the business phone list most respect figures in rural areas, where they act as doctors, yes, but also in many cases as psychologists and confessors.

Those who are dedicat to the profession highlight that the worst thing is having to spend so much time on the road, although as positive aspects they highlight the great proximity with the patients, with whom they establish a very close relationship.

There are no exact figures on how many rural doctors there are in Spain right now, but according to statistics, approximately 40% of primary care doctors carry out their activity in municipalities with less than 150,000 inhabitants.

Contrary to what one might think

The volume of visits to the doctor is higher in rural areas. According to data from the Health Department of Castilla y León, if an 87-year-old person goes to their family doctor 17.7 times a year if they live in the city, when they do so in a town the figure shoots up to 25. 6 times.

Now rural doctors are less isolated, thanks to new technologies, and there are those who believe that their figure will disappear in the not too distant future. The trend seems to be to facilitate the transportation of rural inhabitants to centers with greater possibilities, but maintaining home care in cases where it is necessary.

Do you think rural doctors will one day Book Your List disappear or will they continue to be necessary to bring health everywhere? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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