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I clear space in my calendar for 5 people to spar with and we always make an individual plan with them. The plan can include 3 to 6 sparring calls, email support, reading and commenting on blog posts, technical assistance, and so on. I offer sparring primarily only to subscribers of my weekly newsletter, but of course from time to time through a free consultation. Personal sparring is really rewarding, but for me personally it is challenging due to my family situation and that is why I have kept sparring to a minimum.

I also take sparring people

 The days are different and with special children the plans can change five times during the day. That’s why organizing new database and scheduling phone calls and sparring sessions can sometimes be really difficult. This year’s sparring spots have been filled and the next time there will be a chance for it in spring 2019. Is it too late to start building passive income streams? Is not. I first read about passive income streams in 2007, when I got to know affiliate marketing. The most important thing is to start with one and build the income streams one at a time. If I could start all over,  with affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing because it saves time.

I would probably start

You don’t have to make the products you recommend yourself. It is enough to gather an audience that will benefit from the products you recommend. So if you Book Your List  talk about raising dogs on your blog, you shouldn’t offer a course that focuses on weight loss. Most of these income streams are semi-automated, the exception being understandably personal sparring. Regarding the income streams, I have done the work in a front-oriented manner, i.e. first acquired the audience and then built the income stream. Now I can enjoy the semi-automated result. So in the end game, it’s all about choosing income streams that allow you to get automated or semi-automated income every month. So it’s not about having to do “10 different jobs” to get money. The good news is that once you build one income stream, you can (at least in theory) multiply it and use it to build more income streams. 

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