What are the best medical schools in the world

If you are thinking about studying medicine, and want to have the best possible preparation, perhaps you should start considering the possibility of temporarily leaving the warmth of our country to embark on an exciting adventure beyond our borders.

And the fact is that, in none of the studies carried out on medical schools in the world , do Spanish universities appear, at least in the top positions. Considering that some of these studies list up to 400 study centers, it is not difficult for some to slip through, even if it is towards the end.

Maybe now you’re wondering, if we’re not talking about Spanish faculties, which are the best medical schools in the world ?

In all the rankings the names of some prestigious universities systematically appear. Which may vary slightly in position, but which definitely make up the ranking of the best medical schools in the world , all of them Anglo-Saxon.

The best medical schools in the world

Harvard University
One of the most select universities in the world. Also the third oldest in the Unit States, since it was built in cold calling scripts for bankers Boston in 1782. It is immensely complicat to study there, mainly because the tuition fee per year is around $54,000, a figure that not all pockets can afford.

Another of those places preced by its fame, which is the second oldest in the world and the first if we only take into account the English-speaking ones. It was in 1096 when training studies began to be taught at this peculiar university in the Unit Kingdom.

University of Cambridge
This center is probably one of the ones with the best reputation in the world. It stands out for the academic performance of its students and for the research carried out at its facilities. If you don’t want to cross the pond, this is a great UK option, as long as you’re lucky enough to get in.

Stanford University
Located in California, this university has been declar one of the most important research and teaching institutions in the world. It was found in 1885 and has manag to become one of the most famous in the Unit States.

In what position are the centers of Spain

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Yale University
Private university, located in Connecticut. It is one of the most recognized private institutions in the United States, and throughout the world. Of course, studying here is not cheap either. The annual tuition amounts to just over $52,000.

Other universities that follow the ranking
Beyond the five universities that aspire to the podium, there are many other names of prestigious places to study. Which lower the grade due to small details, but which do not detract from the group as a study center. Following the list, we can find the University of California, the University of Massachusetts, Johns Hopkins University of Maryland. Imperial College London, or Columbia University. The list continues mainly with Anglo-Saxon universities, until approximately 25th place, when names of Asian universities begin to be heard, such as the Book Your List National University of Singapore or the University of Tokyo; and some European ones, such as the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, or the Ruprecht-Karis-Universität Heidelberg in Germany.

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